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Getting a job is a job in itself

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We’ll help you navigate the route from job seeker to employee, step-by-step and give you all the tools you’ll need:
Did you know that up to 80% of jobs are NOT advertised or posted online?
These opportunities are found in the ‘hidden job market’. Employers may not advertise vacancies for lots of reasons but did you know you can be more likely to land a job through the hidden job market than through job advertisements?
Don’t get frustrated by endless, fruitless job searching on job boards.
Take control of your job search and check out our 5-step guide to targeted job hunting in the hidden job market below.

Your Job Search Pathway

A step-by-step guide to targeted job hunting in the hidden job market

Target Employers
Define Your Match
Draft & Craft
Meath Jobs Club


Define your work personality
List Skills, Experience, Knowledge
Competencies + Evidence

Identify transferrable skills
Use STAR-structured examples
Detail contributions to teams, processes, projects, organisations, reputation
Quantify impact

No-gap timeline!

ID hourly rate / salary

List all roles you can fill  

Address confidence / communication gaps

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Target Employers


Services / Products, Role(s), Processes, Equipment
Visualise a typical workday
Goals, Culture, Values
Strengths, Challenges
Plans, Awards, Compeditors
Network: LinkedIn/contacts
Know sector & industry developments
Attend industry events, job fairs – speak with employers & recruiters
What can you offer that will match / exceed your salary?
Know how to negotiate & when it’s appropriate

Meath Jobs Club

Define Your Match

What will you offer each employer?
Detail how your competencies fit their goals
Identify & plug skill / knowledge gaps
Prepare & hone your pitch
Be a solution!
Practice your cold-call technique
Contact key people in the organisation
Build rapport & take advice
Perhaps schedule a Zoom cuppa
Be prepared ahead of time!

Meath Jobs Club

Draft & Craft

Create evidence-based Master CV based on 1, 2 + 3
Understand Applicant  Tracking Systems
Customise CV per  application using 3
Customise letter of introduction, highlighting your offerings
Edit. Edit. Edit.
Read aloud – is it readable?
Check grammar, spellings
Send speculative applications
Optimise LinkedIn profile
Use application forms to hone your examples & writing
Practice mock interviews: virtual + in-person
Mind maps boost your recall
See an Advert? Call – is the job still available? Then build rapport & apply
Follow up – check they received application

Meath Jobs Club


Actively seek advice from reliable sources
Always be learning
Develop your network
Email a ‘thank you’ after each interview
Rejection is a chance to ask employers for their advice!
If it’s not working, review & change it
Be adaptable to new ideas & roles
Look after physical & mental health
Create reminders of the payoffs of nailing that job to maintain momentum
Don’t go it alone – contact Meath Job Club!

Between 50 – 80% of jobs are NOT advertised

 Know how to network & navigate the hidden job market

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